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How to apply

Before you start the application 

  1. For PhD and MPhil applicants, investigate our areas of research. Your research topic must fall under one of our available disciplines. For Bachelor of Philosophy / Master of Research you will apply for a Bachelor of Philosophy or Master of Research in a Faculty (e.g. Master of Research in the Faculty of Arts). The units you select will be in one or more of our departments within one of our six Faculties. For the list of Faculties and Departments and who to contact for more assistance please visit our Research Training Pathway Program -  Academic Advisors page.
  2. Identify a prospective supervisor in the discipline of your interest.
    (Note: identification of a supervisor is not required for entry into Year 1 Bachelor of Philosophy / Master of Research program)
  3. Ascertain your eligibility for a PhD, MPhil or MRes by reading the entry criteria.
    More detailed information on the MRes entry criteria is available on the Research Training Pathway Program Admission Requirements page
    Please note: Domestic applicants for the Master of Research should select 'Bachelor of Philosophy' for the program they are applying for. The program attracts Australian Government funding for domestic students and is packaged as the Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) to meet regulation. 
  4. Prepare a research proposal that can be uploaded into your application form. (Note: as a guideline a short paragraph is required for Year 1 Bachelor of Philosophy / Master of Research, a page is required for Year 2 Master of Research entry and a more detailed proposal for Master of Philosophy or PhD entry).
  5. Have electronic versions of your transcripts, CV, records of publications and evidence of prizes, awards and scholarships ready.
  6. Have copies of your passport or other citizenship documents available.
  7. If any of the documents are not in English, you will need to provide translations by a certified practitioner.
  8. Have the details of two academic referees ready only if you are applying for a scholarship which requires academic referees reports. Please check your scholarship criteria.  
  9. Scholarship applicants who require referees reports need to ask each academic referee to submit a referee report via email to using the prescribed template. The referees may be contacted for further details.
  10. Current PhD, MPhil or MRes students applying for the scholarship should complete a hard-copy version of the form available on the forms page

Important Note: legitimate available research student scholarships available for applicants to apply for are limited to those listed on our official Macquarie University research scholarships web pages.

Submit the application

  • Go to the online application form to register as an applicant. Details of your registration login and password will be emailed to you.
  • Commence filling out the application form and uploading documents.
    E Application Tip: To apply for the Master of Research courses for international applicants we recommend typing mres into the main search box (What do you want to study? box), clicking Search, and selecting the correct course from the search results list.
    To apply for the Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research courses for domestic applicants we recommend typing bphil into the main research box (What do you want to study?box), clicking Search, and selecting the correct course from the search results list.
  • You will only be able to submit the application if all mandatory fields have been completed and the required supporting documentation has been attached. Otherwise, you can save the application and come back to it at a later time.
  • When you submit the application for assessment an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to your email address.
  • You can track the progress of the application through the assessment process by logging into the application portal.
  • Hard-copy forms will continue to be accepted for a limited time. The form is available from our forms page.

What happens once you submit the application?

The typical assessment process is as follows:

  1. The application is reviewed for completeness by the University HDR Office.
  2. The application is sent to the designated faculty for further administrative assessment.
  3. Academic assessors review the applicant's research preparation, resource and supervisory availability. In some cases, academic referees may be contacted to provide additional information regarding the candidate's research capability.
  4. The applications for direct MRes Year 2 entry, MPhil or PhD are subsequently reviewed by the nominated supervisor/s.
  5. The faculty reviews the assessment of the application performed by the department and supervisor and makes a recommendation to the University Higher Degree Research Office for the final decision.
  6. The Higher Degree Research office issues the final outcome of the application by email.
  7. Successful applicants are informed of enrolment and commencement arrangements when they accept an offer of admission to candidature.

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