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Annual Progress Report

2016 Annual Progress Report Online Process

The Annual Progress Report is an important and formal tool for the University and its Faculties to monitor and evaluate each research candidate's progress. Participation in the APR process and completion of the Report is a mandatory requirement of higher degree research candidature.

The process provides an opportunity for the candidate and supervisor(s) to critically reflect on the progress in the candidate's research degree program during the current year and on intended research directions in the year ahead so as to ensure a quality and timely completion of the research program.

The recommendation of progress made by the Faculty is reviewed and noted by the Higher Degree Research Committee. A recommendation of satisfactory progress will enable the research degree enrolment and any scholarship funding to continue, subject to expiry date.

The 2016 Annual Progress Report will be available for online completion in the period 4 to 16 October 2016. For more information or to complete your APR, click on "Login" below.


Who needs to complete the 2016 Annual Progress Report?

You will need to complete an Annual Progress Report if:

  • you are currently enrolled in the time-based (i.e. research) component of your degree and have been enrolled for any of length of time during 2016

Who does not need to complete the 2016 Annual Progress Report?

You will not need to complete an Annual Progress Report if:

  • you enrolled after 31 July 2016 (i.e. commence candidature on or after 1 August 2016); or
  • you have been on continuous Leave of Absence since 1 January 2016; or
  • you have submitted your thesis to the Higher Degree Research Office on or before 4 October 2016; or
  • you have notified the University of your complete withdrawal from your degree on or before 4 October 2016.

Cannot complete an Annual Progress Report online?

You should contact your Faculty HDR Team if you think it will not be possible for you to complete the Annual Progress Report process online.

Frequently Asked Questions for Annual Progress Reports

2016 Final Annual Progress Report Questions

In order to help you prepare for completion of the online Annual Progress Report the questions that you will be presented with are available for review in the following documents.

2016 Annual Progress Report questions in word format

2016 Annual Progress Report questions in pdf format

Confidential feedback to notify progress concerns

The University acknowledges that at times candidates may experience issues that are affecting their progress but which they do not wish to put in writing in their Annual Progress Report. If you are unable to discuss these with your supervisor(s) or the Faculty Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research), you may request a confidential appointment with the Dean (Higher Degree Research), Professor Nick Mansfield. Alternatively, candidates may separately submit a document to Professor Mansfield for his consideration. 

Professor Mansfield's contact details:   Phone: (+ 61 2) 9850 8718
                                                          Fax:  (+ 61 2) 9850 6048

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