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Candidature Management Plan

At the commencement of your higher degree research candidature at Macquarie University, you are advised of a date by which time your thesis is to be submitted. There are a number of milestones to be achieved during your candidature and these should be planned out in a Candidature Management Plan (CMP). The aims of a CMP are to ensure you are aware of the nature of these milestones as they relate to your research progression so that you can plan ahead, and to assist you in developing a realistic timeline for completing your research by the due date.

Individual plans should be developed in the consultation process between candidate and supervisor, taking into account the duration of the degree and, if applicable, scholarship. For example, a candidate enrolled in a doctoral degree will have three years to complete the program. Scholarship holders enrolled in a doctoral degree and receiving a stipend for three years should aim to submit their thesis before the scholarship runs out. Master of Philosophy candidates may two years to complete their research. The sample plans below have been devised taking in to account these scenarios.

The sample CMPs below do not take into account specific discipline requirements and it may be that there will be some minor variations in research component completion due dates (or milestones) due to the area of study. Candidates researching for the submission of a Non Standard Thesis, which may or may not include a creative component, will also need to take any variations this entails into account in devising a CMP.

Candidates and supervisors should discuss and devise a CMP that ensures both overall candidature requirements and discipline-specific requirements are met within the designated candidature period.

Candidates enrolled in a Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research or Master of Research do not need a CMP like the samples below since their programs are already structured, although the planning skills developed while undertaking a BPhil/MRes or MRes will be useful in devising a HDR CMP.

3 Yr PhD Candidature Management Plan
2 Yr MPhil Candidature Management Plan

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