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Enrolment in Additional Units

Full-time students enrolled in a Higher Degree Research program at Macquarie are allowed to enrol in other programs of study in exceptional circumstances only. Written approval for additional enrolment either at Macquarie or any other University is required from the Macquarie Faculty of registration. Concurrent enrolment in other programs is limited to a maximum of one 4 credit point unit per semester for full-time candidates.  All additional unit or program enrolment for Macquarie research candidates must be undertaken through the Higher Degree Research Office.

Enrolment in additional units which are not a core component of the research program but are considered essential for the student’s research program is allowed and must be approved by the Faculty. Enrolment in these units is limited to a maximum of 4 credit points per semester. All enquiries concerning the content, availability and timetabling of coursework units should be directed to the relevant Department or Faculty of enrolment.

HDR candidates interested in applying to enrol in an additional coursework unit should discuss this option with their Principal Supervisor. Enrolment in the unit is done by completing a Change of Program (COP) form and obtaining approval on this form from the Principal Supervisor and Executive Dean of Faculty. The form should be forwarded to HDRO by the required coursework enrolment date. HDRC candidates enrolled in such coursework units are governed by the Rules relating to the coursework unit of enrolment.

Some research degrees may incorporate coursework units as a core part of the program. The structure of these programs and the units in which the students must enrol are listed in the Handbook of Postgraduate Studies. Students enrolling in these programs must consult the appropriate Departmental adviser for advice or information on the units in which they should enrol. Continuing students in such programs need to enrol each year in the appropriate coursework units for the degree. The units in the required coursework component are called Higher Degree Compulsory Coursework (HDCC) units.

Some Departments require students in Higher Degree Research programs to enrol in seminar units which have no credit point weighting or to enrol in additional coursework units which are not a part of the degree requirements but are recommended for their programs of research. Additional enrolment may be required if the units form part of the Faculty Commencement Program for the Faculty of enrolment. These units are exempt from fees and the supervisor or department must certify that the units are essential for the student’s research program. These units are called Higher Degree Research Training (HDRT) units.

Any additional units of enrolment required for research programs are listed on the letter of offer of admission sent to students and are additionally summarised in the Enrolment Information for Higher Degree Research Students.

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