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Scholarship Set Up - For Staff

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MQRES Scheme

The following general information is for academic and professional staff and provides an outline of the MQRES scheme and the scholarship allocation model. The MQRES Scheme document (below) should be referred to for further details. Staff should also refer the MQRES Conditions of Award for details of scholarship conditions and entitlements. Earlier MQRES Scheme and MQRES Conditions of Award versions are available upon request.

MQRES 2015 Scheme

Outlines the funding allocation model and scheme guidelines for 2015
MQRES 2014 Scheme

Outlines the funding allocation model and scheme guidelines for 2014
MQRES 2013 Scheme

Outlines the funding allocation model and scheme guidelines for 2013

Each year Macquarie University funds PhD and MRES Year 2/PhD bundle candidates though the MQRES scheme. The University may allocate individual project specific scholarship positions based on the four categories as detailed in the MQRES Scheme as follows:

  • Category 1 MQRES allocations are based on new academic staff appointments and are usually part of the start-up discussion prior to appointment and/or detailed in an offer package. Upon your arrival at Macquarie and in order to set up your scholarship, please forward any MQRES allocation advice you may have received to  The Scholarships Officers will provide you with an allocation number and advertising template and help to guide you through the scholarship process. 
  • Category 2 MQRES allocations are based on competitive research grant outcomes and may be awarded if the grant outcome is greater than $60K per annum over at least 3 years.  The successful grant must be listed on the Australian Competitive Grant Register. MQRES allocations should be raised with the appropriate grant submissions offers before final grant submission. Once the grant is fully executed and the grant finance account has been created, the Scholarships Officers will contact you with an allocation number and advertising template and guide you through the scholarship process.
  • Category 3 and 4 MQRES allocations are based on strategic exceptional opportunities and are awarded as discretionary scholarships where no other main round or other allocations are available, subject to availability of funds. These allocations are designed to strengthen the University's collaborative research profile and are managed within HDRO.

Any variation to approved scholarship allocations may be considered on a case by case basis if there is strong justification related to the goals and targets detailed in Macquarie University's Strategic Research Framework 2015-2024. Allocations are issued with a fill-by date of either semester 1 or semester 2.  If the allocated scholarship is not commenced by the specified fill-by semester, it will automatically lapse. 

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MQRES Rate and tenure

MQRES scholarships are awarded to PhD candidates for up to 3 years and include a stipend based on the APA rate ($25,849 per annum in 2015), indexed annually on the 1 January each year. The rates for the following year are usually released by the Department of Education on the Australian Postgraduate Awards website in mid to late September.

If approved, Bundle MRES/MQRES scholarships may be awarded for entry into MRES Year 2, with the provision to move into a PhD in the following year upon MRES completion at the required standard (the total program is up to 4 years). In 2015, the Bundle MRES Year 2 stipend is either the APA rate or a fix rate of $16,000 per annum, based on the applicant's scholarship rating outcome.  Refer to Research Pathway Scholarships for current details. Please note MRES Year 2 students must commence with the MRES cohort at the start of semester 1 (January), or semester 2 (July) if there is further Faculty support for mid-year intake.

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ARC funded stipends

ARC funded stipends may be embedded within a grant (such as a DP or LP) as a 'Postgraduate Researcher' (PGR) stipend. Published rates can be found at ARC Salaries and Stipends (for late-starting scholarships, the starting rate should be based on that of the original funding round year). Generally, ARC grants do not allow for coverage of tuition fees payable by international students, and normally the stipend is for 3 years. Please contact with your grant number and/or project title for further information.

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Top-up scholarships

If funding is available, you may use a local departmental or project account to provide a top-up  scholarship. Currently there are no centrally funded top-up scholarship schemes. Provision of a top-up award is at the discretion of the department and/or supervisor, subject to availability of funds and further conditions, as follows: the maximum allowed top up is 75% of the primary award rate ($19,386 per annum in 2015); and the awardee must have offer of, or be in receipt of, a primary scholarship such as an APA or MQRES. The nominated rate and duration can vary depending on availability of funds. Top-ups are paid fortnightly via payroll in conjunction with a primary award. Check with your Faculty HDR administrators or for the 'LAC top-up' form.

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MQRES project specific scholarship allocations should be advertised to maintain transparency, accessibility and equity. Advertisements are published on the central HDR Scholarships pages. Once published centrally, the MQRES position may be circulated to relevant professional networks and contacts. It is advisable to advertise your MQRES position/s as soon as possible, as they will lapse if not filled by the specified fill-by date.

Other scholarship opportunities may be advertised on our External Scholarships site. If an application requires sign-off from the administering institution, an internal closing date is published and we encourage applicants to email the Scholarships Officers with intention to submit advice as early as possible. The internal closing date allows the University to obtain required signature/s and the Scholarships Officers may submit the application on behalf of the applicant where appropriate. If you become aware of an external opportunity and would like to see it advertised, please contact

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Scholarship rating

MQRES scholarships are subject to internal Macquarie University Scholarship Rating Criteria. Candidates must meet the minimum criteria in order be made an offer of MQRES scheme scholarship. Applicants are be expected to have a record of excellent academic performance, especially in the prerequisite qualification such as research Master's degree, relevant research experience and/or peer-reviewed research activity, awards and/or prizes, and excellence referee reports.

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International candidates

If an international MQRES (iMQRES) is requested and approved, the iMQRES will sponsor international student tuition fees and a stipend for up to 3 years. Similarly, approved Bundle MRES/ iMQRES cover fees and stipend for up to 4 years. Please note an international scholarship allocation is not a fee waiver and an approved international allocation provides tuition fees sponsorship that is funded by the MQRES scheme. Other costs related to international students such as mandatory Overseas Health Cover (OSHC), visa processing costs, and travel costs are not normally covered by the MQRES scheme.

If recruiting an international candidate, it is important to factor in visa processing and candidature application processing times in relation to your iMQRES allocation fill-by date. Visa processing time varies depending on country of origin and may take up to several months. Candidature processing can take up to 8 weeks from point of lodgement of a complete application. For example, if your allocation expires in 2015 semester 2, a full candidature/scholarship application should be lodged by late August 2015. The candidate would need to arrive, enrol and commence by mid-December 2015 at the latest, in order to enrol by the allocation fill-by date of 2015 semester 2.

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External Funding

Candidates who have been offered an external scholarship should forward a copy of their original external funding application, a copy of the funding body's offer letter, the agreement and/or conditions of award, and any other details, emails and contact information available, to the Scholarships Officers at as soon as possible.

The supervisor will be asked by a Scholarships Officer to complete a manual hard copy external scholarship coversheet, which is used to collect research data for reporting purposes. This is similar in function to the online application coversheet used for grants application and is required to create a central research project record and an internal finance account. 

Upon return of the external coversheet, an internal account is created by OFS Budget Officers which should list the supervisor as the Chief Investigator. Accordingly the CI is responsible for monitoring and managing the account where necessary. The account is activated in HRIS and used by payroll to pay a stipend on a fortnightly basis. Students should not have direct access to the account.  

The Scholarships Officers will issue a MQ cover letter to the candidate and this may include Conditions of Award and a Student Deed Poll, depending on the nature of the offer, and will detail any additional requirements or conditions, as required. It will also include an LAC form to be used by the candidate to commence stipend payments via Macquarie University's payroll system.

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Contact Us

Scholarships Officers
Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO)
Level 3, C5C East, Research Hub
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia
Phone: + 61 2 9850 9782
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Fax:+61 2 9850 6198
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